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fredericksburg. and stafford county, virginia until 6:45. so for the next 45 minutes or so you can see we have hail around south of fredericksburg. these are slow moving thunderstorms producing also very heavy rain. looks like these storms are going to be generally come in from the -- coming in the from the doubt. points northward you may have a chance to see storms coming through. we also have flash flood warnings and watches to talk about. west of town we have flash flood watches until midnight for today. this includes west of town, which is a frederick, page, shenandoah county. and essential and northern shenandoah valley. the main concern being storms could cause creeks and streams to rise quickly and out of their banks. you can see a lot of the activity right now is south of us. we have lightning associated with these storms. some of these storms could produce rainfall rates of one to two inches per hour, so we are expecting more storms to come through tonight and also tomorrow. we'll talk about the heat wave also coming back this way a little bit later. bruce, back to you. >>> president
train traveling from new york to chicago waylaid in west virginia by downed trees. >> i heard the weather and heard the sound of the train, and the next thing i know we were stopped, it was pitch black. >> the power is out, and nothing but mountains on both sides. >> reporter: the 232 passengers eventually made it out by bus. ohio, west virginia, maryland, and virginia all declared states of emergency. president obama has reached out to the governors. trees twisted in wires across the washington, d.c. suburbs. crews in virginia and maryland trying to untangle a puzzle of power lines, saying the job requires some extra manpower. >> we requested over a thousand crews. >> reporter: linemen working here in west virginia in the 90- degree heat trying to restore power and relief to more than half a million customers. the national weather service calling friday night's storm a line of thunderstorms packaging damaging straight line winds. some cities felt gusts up to 90 miles per hour. elizabeth prann, fox news. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >>> the edge begins with caut
wrapped up two days of campaigning in virginia. his last stop was the centreville high school just this afternoon. [ cheers & applause ] >> we understood that we had to bring about a change, because we understood that the economy works in this country when it works for everybody, not just for the few. [ cheers & applause ] >> the commonwealth is becoming more critical in the election for both candidates and it's become too close to call in the state. so why has virginia become so important? >> reporter: it's getting intensely exciting in virginia, for people watching the presidential race at this stage. experts say there are three hotly contested states, virginia, nevada and ohio. it appears the path to the white house means carrying virginia. >> virginia's just been ignored. this year, virginia is front page news. >> reporter: the candidates are fiercely campaigning in the state. the president was in virginia beach and roanoke yesterday and in richmond and centreville today. rival republican candidate mitt romney made stops in the state two weeks ago. george mason university profe
. i ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from virginia, mr. whitman from california, mr. thompson and florida mr. miller be allowed to join us and participate in the hearing. without objection, so ordered. in today's hearing we will hear the perspective of several groups seeking recognition as indian tribes under federal law. we'll also hear from the county supervisor in california with concerns over federal recognition process. the purpose of the hearing is not to determine the fate of any recognized petition but to gather facts that may inform the committee as to what a reasonable recognition policy for the 21st century should be. tribal recognition is one of the most solemn issues this committee deals with. it has impact on the federal budget, on the trust responsibility and other recognized tribes and on states and the political subdivision. rightly or wrongly, the executive branch has wrested control over any recognition from congress. the department considers recognition cases an accountable system. i acknowledge the department regulations setting forth seven mandatory crite
, virginia, all points some maryland. parts of virginia especially really hard hit with power outages. >> jessica doyle joins us with one of the hardest hit areas. we see street lights behind you. >> reporter: good morning. good morning to both of you. the situation here, let me give you a little visual here. this is military road here, along argue county. sort of a secondary feeder road here for a lot of commuters. we are going to get a lot of traffic here. doesn't look so bad. you see lights on. two-thirds of northern virginia right now. but let me show you about the problems one-third of the folks are dealing with here. you are going to see a line coming down. this is a major power line here, this is quincy road. i'm going to stay a short distance away from this, because this may be partially energized. it is tangled in small trees and then you get over here and you have one of these oak trees. some trees in these neighborhoods are 100 years old. that is about 1000 pounds of leaves that have come down from this storm that we had on friday. a lot of it came down on saturday. about 2
carolina f. he won colorado and nevada, and he won virginia, which no democrat had won in a presidential race since 1964. not even bill clinton either time. but barack obama won virginia and he won by a lot. even though before 2008 his presidential politics were so very red for a very long time, virginia as a place overall had been sort of getting bluer and bluer. democrats had control of the state senate. they had ousted republican george allen from the senate in 2006 and replaced him with a democrat named jim webb. they have a popular governor named tim warner. the democratic part of the state were growing and becoming more influential in the state. if virginia was not exactly cobalt blue by the time of the obama election, it was trending to a bluey shade of purple. barack obama wins it really big in 2008. and then, since then, virginia has been through kind of a big reversal. the electoral equivalent of whiplash. in 2009 virginia elected an anti-abortion activist governor, bob mcdonnell. a guy who drop what he was doing in the mid-30s so he could go to path robinson's university. he w
breakdown. verizon's 911 service in northern virginia was down for more than three days. during the outage residents were forced to walk to local fire and police stations or use the nemergency number. they want the council of governments to get involved and today they'll ask to form a regional task force to take a closer look at the 911 failure and how to prevent the problem in the future. >> if your yard is a mess with debris from the storms, crews will collect debris on county maintained roads. put your debris in the grassy area next to the road. make sure it's not blocking the sidewalk, roadway or a driveway. if you don't see crews today, be patient. it could take several days to collect all of the debris. >>> it is now 4:30. we had heavy downpours last night. at least i did where i live. >> i missed it. it was highly isolated. most of the area didn't get any rain. highly isolated heavy downpours last night. all of that is gone now thankfully. we're all settled down. here's what's been happening over the last few hours. just a few clouds coming through now. and storm4 radar n
, it's down into the comfy 60s. areas in green are in the 60s. covers all of west virginia and all of maryland and virginia except for right around the tidal potomac and in the cities and around the bay it's in the low 70s. elsewhere, a pleasant morning under way. we're starting off in the mid and upper 60s many locations. and there's the sky over the washington monument. we've got a bit of a crescent moon showing up in the eastern sky. and we have the high clouds that will be with us throughout the day. here's your day planner. sunrise 5:53. that's getting later this time of year. noontime, mid 80s. turning less humid by mid to late afternoon. late afternoon, back to mid 80s. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here with an update. >> i-95 in virginia northbound the crash is at fairfax county parkway as you approach fairfax county parkway and it's blocking your right lanes. here's a live look right now as you make your commute. two lanes to the left are able to get by. police and fire departments still on the scene. you can see a police officer in this area and
washington. storm4 radar showing this moving color. sprinkles across northern virginia and north of fredericksburg and prince william county. close-up view of the storm4 radar, showing a few sprinkles in montgomery county alo270 and prince george's county, too. across line into southern or randal county. and temperatures are pleasant. we are in the upper 60s to around 70 across most of virginia. maryland, west virginia, reagan national is at 76. later today your day planner for this friday might need an umbrella this morning. a few sprinkles through mid morning. just a slight chance the rest of the daylight hours. greater chance by late afternoon and this evening. highs reaching mid 80s. a look at the evening planner ten minutes. >>> good morning. checking things out in maryland. if you're traveling along 29d 5 twine baltimore and beltway, nice and clear. local roads look nice as well. live look traveling along 29 at 32 southbound as well as northbound. nice and clear in this area. in columbia and heading down towards silver spring, clear as well. lights are still flashing. the v
this still developing story cover from maryland to virginia too d.c. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm laura evans. let's get right to the latest. the storm's death toll now stands at 22 people nationwide, 10 just in virginia. 2million people up and down the east coast are without power. that's down from 3 million friday. >> in our area pepco says more than 175,000 customers are still without power, 110,000 dominion virginia customers in the dark, pg&e reporting 189,000 outages. >> you'll see closures, cancellations and other very important information at the bottom of your screen throughout the next 90 minutes. we'll begin our coverage in maryland tonight with fox 5's bob barnard live in kensington with more. >> reporter: i can break some more numbers down. here in montgomery county it's 96,000 pepco customers still in the dark. in prince george's county it's a little more than 42 now. part of the problem, look behind me here, some wires dangling, the utility pole leaning over. this is a neighborhood in kensington still in the dark. that house has a generator going and
campaigning in virginia, in virginia beach. you're looking at live pictures coming up. president obama became the first democratic presidential candidate since lbj to carry virginia and both campaigns are vying for the state's 13 electoral votes. nbc's senior political editor, mark murray, is here with me and nbc white correspondent kristen welker joins us from virginia beach. kristen, since you're down there, this crowd obviously waiting for the president, it's a democratic proud, military area of the tidewater. at the same time, this is such a critical state and it is very close. virginia has been getting more and more conservative in recent years. >> reporter: absolutely. and the importance of virginia really can't be overstated, andrea. the obama campaign thinks it's crucial to winning in 2012 so when president obama takes the podium here, he will, as he has in days past, call on congress to extend the bush era tax cuts for folks making less than $250,000, but he will also tell or some of his comments we are expecting to the military community here. there are about 800,000 ve
. >> the president spoke to supporters in virginia and did not mention the bain controversy. they continue to paint romney as a business man to shift jobs overseas. >> mr. romney has a different idea. >> those car companies called pioneers of outsourcing. >> exactly. >> i don't want a pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. i want to prescription companies back. >> reporter: today, an obama campaign spokesperson said romney is, quote, misleading the american people or the government about his tenure at bain. it stops short of repeating the felony remark. romney said americans, quote, expect it more from the president than these kinds of attacks. in washington, molly hennyberg, fox news. >>> with under four months until the presidential election, president obama's campaign has already spent a pretty penny television commercials in battleground states. they spent nearly $100 million. that is more than four times the amount that mitt romney's campaign spent at this point in the race. and speaking of battleground states, president obama was in virginia today and he was in centerville for a camp
that is out. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 5:09. back to you guys. >>> congratulations. you have power if you are watching us or you are at least in a shelter where you can be cool. there are still hundreds of thousands of your neighbors without power. >> here are the latest power outage numbers. dominion, virginia has a total of 138,000 customers. 83,000 of them are in northern virginia. in the last hour pepco reported more than 130,000 customers out, 76,000 in montgomery county. 31,000 in prince george's county and 23,000 in the district. >>> in verge individual anyonian power welcomed the arrival of crews last night. >> crew as arrived from other states and even canada. they have identified more than 16,000 work sites from the weekend storms and more than half their customers have been restored. there are still more than 8000 smaller work sites left to address. 9news now reporter jessica doyle joins us live on bailey's crossroads. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. that's right. there are 4000 line workers working for do
's a live look at virginia beach, virginia, where president obama is expected to speak about the economy and restoring middle class security later this hour. we will bring you his speech live ahead. >>> next on the endangered species list, the american worker, following on our conversation a second ago. we will talk labor pains, next. the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at >>> under assault by law makers from across the country, organized labor is fighting back. this year, it's giving politicians an ultimatum. sign what they're calling the second bill of rights or face the consequences in novem
work to restore power in maryland, dc, and virginia. a lot of roadways still locked by downed trees. for some people, their homes deemed unsafe to return to. we have a lot ahead we will chat live with pepco and dominion power plus a team of live reporters surveying the damage then another extremely hot day ahead. where you can find some relief from that heat. but first let's get caught up on where power restoration stands now. the thing everybody wants to know. first with pepco, 344,000 customers still out in dc and maryland, making a dent there. pge has 315,000 customers without power 94,000 in montgomery and prince georgeing county. 17,000 still in the dark. now to virginia, dominion reports 287,000 outages, 8800 customers still have no power and electric co-operative, 29,000 without power we will continue to update those numbers throughout the newscast. >>> good morning welcome to fox 5 news sunday i am melanie alnwick. it is already starting to heat up outside. tucker barnes has a look at what we can expect good morning tucker. >>> yeah, not really cooling off overnight temperat
power at this hour. some of you in virginia still under a boil water advisory tonight. meanwhile, wscc has lifted its water usage restrictions for customers in montgomery county and prince george's county. >> power out to hundreds of thousands of people in the area. here's how it breaks down now. all three power companies in our area say it could take up to friday night to get 90% of their customers back online. that's because the storm swath was so large. now there are crews on its way. burying power lines would help, but that would cost millions. >> so in areas where we've done the tree trimming, cable replacement, replaced false arms, replaced transformers, then we look at select undergrounding. >> more stores are possible -- storms are possible in the next few days. >> there is still a boil water advisory in effect tonight for parts of northern virginia. look at this map now. this is from the falls church city web site. the areas inside the map need to use boiled or bottled water for drinking and cooking until at least tomorrow night. this applies if you are a falls church utility
sprinkles. these are not heavy showers by any means. getting sprinkle activity here. most of virginia and maryland and into west virginia, too. it's in the 60s this morning. here's your day planner for this friday. yes, you may need an umbrella this morning. again, when you're coming back home but for your lunch hour probably not. by then, near 80. peeking in the mid 80s by mid afternoon. a look at your friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at your friday commute. >> tom, things look good in our area. connecticut crash at georgia avenue. it's completely clear. let's head down i-95 in virginia. very clear as well in both directions. so far light volume. no accidents to report. here's a live look at the weigh station making your way southbound as well as northbound travel lanes are open. quantico, not bad. 58 miles per hour. just 24 minutes to drive to the beltway. continuing on 395. no issues on n. this area. beltway and to 14th street bridge, you're clear. 55 miles per hour. looking like a 12-minute drive. on the rails though, 16-minute delay now. and the vre metro
relatives with air conditioning. i'm beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> a dominion virginia employee told us this is the worst non-hurricane storm he's seen. look at the damage we found in arlington. one woman said a tree that fell on her shed knocked the whole thing off of the foundation before crushing her husband's car. dominion virginia has 4200 crews around the clock, 1200 from other states and 700 coming from canada tonight. the utility crews around the region working quickly to restore power to the customers. you heard it all but it's never fast enough, right? in arlington b24000 dominion virginia power home owners in the dark. david balkins, the director for dominion virginia joins us by phone. what are the big obstacles for you? start with the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: northern virginia took a hit and so did the shenandoah area n. northern virginia, lots of damage. we're working around the clock as hard as we can and making great progress, though, get into this neighborhood now. a lot of poles down, a lot of wire down and it's tedious, hard work getting into the subdivisions,
into especially virginia starting late tonight. for now though, just another sizzling hot day. absolute misery if you don't have air-conditioning. current temperature in washington, 98 degrees. still 97 in ma sasses, 95 degrees also in frederick, maryland. doppler radar shows not a lot going on around our media, but you can get a sense there are showers and thunderstorms across parts of central and western ohio. these are also running in our direction. severe thunderstorm watches have been posted as late as 11:00 tonight for far western parts of west virginia and there's a chance some of those storms would be arriving in part of central virginia about midnight tonight. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes, but your sunday evening planner is a sizzler. temperatures, mid to upper 90s, then around the mid-80s by 11:00. another update and talk more about our storm chances coming up. >> we're already hearing about some closings for tomorrow. the federal government is open, but with unscheduled leave and telework as options. martin o'malley has announced liberal leave is fable vaibl for
and lightning rolling west to east out of west virginia, into northern virginia and maryland, and it's now on the eastern shore. most of the heavier rain with the lightning is on the eastern shore now, from near easton down to cambridge and across into delaware and along the atlantic beaches. they're getting a lot of thunder and lightning, heavy downpours there. closer to washington, just a little light rain around the metro area right now, but moderate downpours in these areas in yellow and orange. that's in howard county, into carroll and frederick county. watch out, some creeks and streams may be out of their banks in parts of frederick county. farther west, shenandoah valley from near winchester all the way down to front royal, they're getting moderate showers, a little thunder and lighting in there. that is drifting east, too, heading back towards fredericksburg, where they had that wind damage yesterday. right now around the region it's in the low and mid-70s with steamy humidity. reagan national's at 76, and montgomery county and farther north, where they're getting moderate showers
to meet with the governors of maryland and virginia, as well as local county executives to come up with a plan of action to hold pepco response. >> they are saying maybe the weekend but the clean up continues there. they have 1000 extra power line workers from other states teaming up to help restore power. >>> jessica doyle, we see some light behind you there. >> reporter: that's right mike. this is the situation that you are seeing in northern virginia, montgomery county and the cyst, all -- and the district, all throughout the washington area where the lights are out. it is the case of the haves, with power, and the have nots. we are right here at this intersection at route 7 and glenn forest road. as you can see, these little are out -- lights are out. this is a situation throughout the washington area. of course you see a dark intersection, you are supposed to treat it as a four way stop, in this case a three-way stop. but a lot of folks, i'll tell you, especially with night driving, are not doing so. we are seeing them sort of blow through this intersection. the problem is at
of sprinkles in eastern and west virginia leftover now. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s although 60s in fair et county and pushing 80 right now going to about 95. over to monika samtani. 6:00 a.m. with your timesaver traffic. >>> we have one incident right now. it's southbound on 295 after benning road. and you want to watch out because there's some debris apparently in the right lane scoot over to the left to get around it. let's go over to the west side of town. no problems to report on 66, or the dulles toll road coming in from the airport. you are good to go both of those major corridors to the beltway and no issues at all across the american hee john bridge. -- legion bridge. live outside and if you're going over on the inbound side of i-66, this is at route 50 from our sky 9 and you can see it's actually still looking pretty good heading for 123 and the beltway. i'm happy so say all leans -- to say all lanes are open. this time to the other side of town. no issues to report as you travel in on the bw parkway or route 50. we're looking good all the way through cheverly. no probl
rural areas around the region are in the 60s including most of virginia, most of maryland and into west virginia. a few high spots in west virginia are in the 50s right now. reagan national at 74. the view from space showing a few high clouds drifting. the rain is down to our south. that may be moving in perhaps into the mountains later today. only a slight chance. otherwise, here's your day planner. mid 90 by afternoon. less humid during the afternoon hours and partly sunny throughout the rest of the day. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. aaron? >> all right. thank you, tom. >>> a traffic alert for drivers now. a downed tree shut down a busy road in northwest d.c. this one caused big delays during the morning commute. melissa mollet with a look at the damage now. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you a lot of folks have come down here at 6:00 this morning. slowed down and taken a look and realize they can't go down waterside drive if you are on massachusetts trying to get to rock creek parkway. you can see why. look at this tree. this tree is originally on rock creek
you over to colesville road. in good shape. in virginia, normal travel times. good in and out of baltimore. the toll road is clear on 66. more to come from traffic but now back to news. >> for clock 32 right now. one person was killed in a two- car crash on the inner loop of the beltway. >> this happened between georgia avenue and kohl's the road -- colesville road. one person died. the investigation is still under lock -- investigation. >> this is a man wanted. he -- the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money. there was a brief struggle and the cabbie was shot. he is expected to survive. >> now, the results of a internal universal -- university investigation are said to be released. it will show how top and state officials handled complaints that jerry sandusky was behaving inappropriately with boys he met through his charity. he was convicted on 45 criminal counts last month. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage. brad bell will be at state college to gather reports. you and also 5 updates on our side >> new evidence in the course against george zimmerm
the public to use public transportation. >> transportation representatives in the district, virginia and maryland tell me the situation with regards to power and transportation still have a long way to go. this is now montgomery college power lines are still down all over the place. this is a story being played out due out our area. we see tens of thousands of dealing with no power. >> today even ferguson is fighting a losing battle to keep his family cool. it is not going to be enough to save his food. >> the bulk of that will be gone. >> his daughter spent the weekend playing outside in a soccer tournament. >> what was like to be out in the heat and then coming home to this? >> it is not fun. >> you forget how much you rely on electricity. >> at this senior center in college park, they've also been without power since friday. this woman is dealing with diabetes. >> we are burning up. >> we decided to make a lemonade stand. >> this family worked on a project outside tonight. but they do have power. she says she is not going anywhere tomorrow. >> i am definitely not to meeting tomorr
. they are working on the inner loop. the left it to get by. get the left to here is 95 virginia. for good shape nothing on 66 out of the norm. >> new this morning, fire fighters want to know how a fire started at an abandoned elementary school. happened less than last night -- late last night. crews managed to put out the flames. no one was hurt. it has been closed since 2008. >> the campaign and scandal surrounding been some great continues to grow. a former campaign worker eugenia harris is expected to plead guilty today. >> that would mark the third worker never to plead guilty to charges. >> having some trouble with that story. county police are accused ofor the man assaulting a woman in a park. >> officers say it happen in gaithersburg. right now, detectives are trying description of the suspect. today on the campaign trail, will go to iowa talking to families about tax relief. >> mitt romney will campaign in colorado. the heels of a new poll that shows romneynt obama leading by two percentage points. those swing states include virginia. rudy guiliani will also contain for ro
. richard reid is on storm watch tonight. he is live from warrington, virginia with the efforts on the clean up there. >> this toppled tree will be the top of the town. take a look at it. it is huge. they have everything here. high winds driving rain, power outages. take a look at this photo of a house just down the street. a tree limbs that look like tentacles. the weather here has been a major headache. >> nature's fury did not pull any punches in this county. >> trees were just blowing all over. >> high winds and stinging rain battered the area. >> i've never heard it russia against the house like that. >> the storm split -- i've never heard it rush against a house like that. >> the storms but trees and knocked down fences. >> it was coming horizontal league. >> in this neighborhood, fallen trees are everywhere. >> twisted and downed power lines left dozens without electricity for the second time in a week. >> we had power back on. it came back on last night. >> this has been horrible. such extremes, it seems like. >> the tree split and only half of it fell down. >> can you believe that 1
later today. right now, all these areas in yellow are in the 70s, and that includes most of virginia, maryland, the eastern shore, even some of the high spots in western maryland. we've got some hot air aloft beginning to move in. it's in the low 80s there, and there is a risk of some severe storms, this whole yellow zone covers the whole region, including washington, virginia, maryland, west virginia. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we might get some isolated storms producing some wind damage. before then, we will soar to the mid and upper 90s by mid-afternoon with heat and humidity. dress accordingly. it's going to be quite an uncomfortable afternoon. then the possibility of those storms coming in 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so stay tuned. we'll let you know what's going on. and i'll be back in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning! >>> good morning and thanks, tom. right now, traveling along i-95 in virginia, let's check out your commute right now. if you're making your commute north and southbound, travel lanes are open. give you a live look making your way past dale bo
. on the campaign trail, she fights for virginia. virginia women for metitt hope to kick off today. president obama spoke there yesterday. the president is heading to portland this afternoon for a fundraiser that will include an open event and the private event. you will travel to seattle for yet another fund-raiser. a plan to bring a mega gas station brings mega resistance. and a proposal to bring streetcars. an early-morning explosion obliterates a home in new york. and tracking more storms headed our way. we i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, fopurple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... >> we are following breaking news that northern virginia community college woodbridge has been evacuated because of a gas leak. it has been shut off but the building still needs to be ventilated. students, faculty and staff are out of the building, but should be back soon. a young girl is dead and members of her family are
of -- president obama will kick off his campaign trip through virginia. he will begin in virginia beach and then go to hampton and rana. he woke -- and roanoke. yesterday, dozens of supporters appeared to pick up tickets for the campaign rally. virginia remains the key battleground state. the campaign has organized a couple of -- mitt romney's campaign has organized a couple of events today. texas gov. rick perry will also campaigned for romney for a first time in a public event in nevada. >> investigators are trying to find out more about a suspicious device found on board a delta jet. the airplane was found -- was bound for madrid and returned to j.k. last night as a precaution. it was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. there was strange wiring in the bathroom but no explosive device was found. cleaning solvent is blamed for another scare in the air. some crew members aboard southwest airlines jet that took off from north polk became ill yesterday. crewmembers were taken to the hospital for observation. hazmat determined the source of a problem. the passengers then headed to thei
in the 60s including the shenandoah valley after the mountains. washington, mid 70s. yellow, virginia, maryland, eastern shore, low to mid 70 was steamy humidity around montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. for today, a lot of clouds around. maybe a little sun this morning. high 80s mid afternoon. around noontime, could have a passing downpour but a greater chance, a likelihood of that coming in after noontime and during the evening. some of those indeed could be heavy downpours that may cause flooding and, along with that, thunder and lightning. i don't think we'll have much wind with these but we will have likely torrential rains this afternoon into this evening. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here with a look at traffic. >>> good morning. overnight crash resulted in downed wires. if you're traveling eastbound green belt road. i would say avoid the area. right now they're on the scene directing traffic. they have po put up the pole and reconnect the wires. that may take some times. let's get over to 395 northbound at edsall. we have police activity i
in a few locations in some of the highlands, out in west virginia. but closer to washington, mid-70s. in washington, montgome the rural areas of maryland and virginia now in the low to mid-70s. "day planner" for this tuesday. a sunny morning. and by 9:00, ought to be in the mid-80s. sunrise this morning is at 6:03. and by noontime, we'll noon the low 90s. heat and humidity during the afternoon, in fact, we'll soar into the upper 90s by mid-afternoon. then late afternoon into early evening, we have about a 30% chance of an isolated thunderstorm rolling by, slight risk it would produce any wind damage. i'll be back in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >>> good morning. checking out traffic on 395 heading northbound. actually, at 27 washington boulevard, that's where in the restricted lanes there's a crash, but the hov lanes and the northbound lanes are open. again, heading northbound at washington boulevard, you'll see those restricted lanes blocked by the accident there. let's talk about road work, heading over to the beltway. auto loop at the dulles to
's turn our attention now to virginia. dominion power is reporting more than 170,000 residents without electricity. no virginia tech is faring better with more than 3000 customers waiting for their power to be restored. in maryland, bge, has 28,000 customers without power. most of them, at least 25,000 residents live in prince george's county. and more than 4800 customers are also waiting for their power to be restored. most of the outages are in charles county. well, it is the number one question on a lot of people's minds. when will the power be restored? christian fisher is tracking what's happening in kensington, maryland. kristen? >> reporter: j.c., it has taken two and a half days but this morning pepco crews finally removed the downed power lines that were covering the southbound lanes of connecticut avenue right here in kensington just north of university boulevard. i think we are just moments away from seeing all of the southbound lanes reopening earlier. just a few moments ago, i saw some cars getting through. you can see right over there, across the street, those are the pow
of virginia and maryland and west virginia. few locations upper 50s western maryland. right now, nearby suburbs, prince george's county, the 60s. mid 70 nasdaq washington. but by 7:00, upper 60s. beautiful morning by noontime. mid 80s. late afternoon, there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. still not terribly humid throughout the day today. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here now with the first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. right now i'm checking on a situation in silver spring, maryland. if you're traveling northbound at georgia avenue there's a road hazard in the road. take colesville road instead to continue northbound. heading down i-95, northbound at lorton blocking the right lane out of the roadway. i'll give you a live look right now if you're traveling from prince william parkway. prince william parkway, lanes are open northbound as well as southbound. nice and clear this morning. about 64 miles per hour. 13 minutes to drive from prince william parkway to the capital beltway. here's a look at duke street, very light volume. in fact
a shootout between officers in mount vernon, virginia. the suspects did not survive. >> does of cheerleaders and their parents scrambled for yesterday -- dozens of parents.ers and their >> intense heat. "good morning washington" begins now. >> rise and shine. it is monday, july 9. >> i'm cynne simpson. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we have a tree down on the northbound george washington parkway. the tree is down near spout run. southbound gw is open. a live picture of the springfield, to reiterate that. more on the traffic side in just while.e of the because storm's over night. 5:01. it is unsell because of a cold -- it is unsaddled because -- it is onfund because of a cold front. some steady but lighter rain into prince william county approaching manassas and shenandoahf into the valley after upper montgomery county and frederick county we have that on going rain, all east. west to anywhere from 85 to 90. most of the rain will be this cannot rule out some thunderstorms this afternoon, especially south of washington. >> thank you. 5:02. breaking news. po
in green are in the 60s, that includes just about all of west virginia, much of maryland, areas outside the beltway, northern suburbs into the upper 60s. these areas in yellow the low to mid 70s, that includes southern maryland, southeastern virginia, lower part of the eastern shore. reagan national at 75. our northern/western suburbs into the upper 60s. a wonderful break from the high humidity. as we get into the afternoon hours, it does look like great beach and pool weather. by 9:00, upper 70s. lots of sun. a sun block day. by noontime, mid 80s. a warm afternoon, afternoon temperatures reaching the upper 80s. maybe briefly 90 in the hotter spots and central cities. as we get towards late afternoon, back down to the mid 80s. by 6:00, lots of sun throughout the day today. sunrise at 6:04, i'll be back in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. >>> thanks, tom, we're looking at road work. you know how it goes this early in the morning. outer loop at new hampshire avenue, the left lane is blocked. the right side will get you by, but these cones are just about picked up. i-66 westbound
redwood, virginia. this is sent in from matt ray. see if you can guess what this is? think about it. i'll tell you coming up. >> veronica, thanks. so far, the storm has knocked out thousands. pepco is reporting more than 15,000 out right now. dominion has more than 1600 outages. virginia has 8800 outages. tonight's storm didn't cause nearly as much damage, but pepco is still under fire from last month. today, the montgomery koun till council railed against the utility for its liability after tens of thousands lost power for up to a week. they also blamed the public safety commission for lacking oversight. >> if you don't turn them around, and i speak to all of the commissioners, the governor needs to replace you with people who will. the lack of reliable electric power has become the number one quality of life issue in our county. >> pepco's president says he understands the frustration, but he adds the company is making strides with fewer outages and shorter recovery time since 2010. >> the storms are also to blame for a close call outside of virginia. a woman was walking to her car w
showing up on storm4 radar. lower part of the bay, right along virginia tide water from the northern neck down to southeastern virginia. these are drifting off to the north and east heading toward the west. some breaks in the clouds. and we'll have a little sunshine in and out today. here's your day planner. by 8:00 this morning we should be in the mid 70s. then by noontime, 1:00 or so, we should be in the 80s. and then maybe an afternoon shower or thunder shower by late afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. a look at your first4 traffic now with danella. >> good morning. thanks, tom. you're traveling on i-66, heads up. earlier road work westbound at nutley but that looks to be completely gone right now. let's take a live look as you travel along i-66 at fairfax county parkway. heading eastbound, nice and clear. westbound clear as well. eastbound from fairfax county parkway, travel speed as you head to the beltway. 61 miles per hour. that drive is 11 minutes. not bad. inside the beltway on 66, nice as well. look at spout run parkway. color in both collections. eastbound
at this hour as states of emergencies are declared in maryland, virginia, and the district. the aftermath leaving parts of our region looking like a war zone, killing several people. tonight, the threat for more severe weather is not over. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm sarah simons. at 10, massive power outages during the heat wave. one of the big stories is at this hour. >> more than three quarters of a million of people have no power. pepco is reporting 379,000 customers out. in northern virginia, dominion virginia reports 351,000 outages and bge said montgomery and prince georges county, there are 51,000 customers in the dark and more stomps could be popping up in our region. >> not exactly what we need to hear now as you know. tucker barnes follows the latest round for us. what is the latest? >> reporter: good news here. we're quiet across the washington area at the moment. we had a pop-up shower move into the district an hour ago and all is clear at the moment and that is staying warm and muggy overnight and there you go. the shower moved through the city and is dissipating and things sho
in virginia and mclane is closed as at old dominion drive as well. again as i said, hov restrictions are lifted, route 80 is closed between 270 and route 75. and we'll take you down here a couple of closures. southbound connecticut avenue between adams drive and perry and norwood drive closed between dr. bird road and route 108. on 99, you'll want to know 95, 395 and 66 outside the beltway, restrictions are in effect this morning. it is only inside the beltway, inbound on i 66 that it is lifted. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look at area roads at 5:10. back to you guys. >>> if you are able to see us this morning, you are one of the lucky ones. we have hundreds of thousands of people still without power following friday's storm. right now, pepco reports close to a quarter million customers are without power. that is in the district, montgomery and prince george's county in maryland. bge has a similar amount affected, most of them are in prince george's, howard and baltimore county. now reporting 5000 customers are in charles county. potomac edison reports 14,000 of t
morning. more. live with >> we drove around virginia, the district, maryland. we are here in rockville and branches and trees are still -- all over the place. this is a fairly major cut through, a sign of what might be awaiting you tomorrow on your commute if you have to drive. this is near montgomery county -- montgomery college. this is all over the place in this neighborhood. i want you to notice something. the lights are on at montgomery college. look in the distance. do you see those two headlights in the distance? beyond it, nothing but darkness. this neighborhood has been power ever since friday night. of thousands of customers are still in that same situation. i am told that tomorrow's commute is going to be a rough one. what could be awaiting you. in some cases, these are major blocked by trees. there were still trying to get of new hampshire avenue in the district. they're also having trouble on massachusetts in the district. same situation, where you have that circumstance for a tree is blocking the way. if you can avoid driving tomorrow, it is recommended. metro is the best
to report in virginia. everything will be open through springfield and open on 395. newschopper7 in just a little .hile news.e >> the man arrested for the shooting inr expected to be today.y charged yesterday funerals were held in of thetates for some victims. the survivors says he to pray for the gunmen. he would like to meet holmes. >> i would say i would forgive you and i would ask if i could him.for every person deserves forgiveness. >> he says he can forgive ho mes does want him to spend the rest of his life in prison. prosecutors say neil prescott charged after he psychiatric evaluation. authorities found guns and apartment. in his >> investigators trying to find caused a re. fire broke out last night. dozens of firefighters responded cat.hey rescued a everybody made it out safely. >> a drowning of a boy has been accidental. police are not sure if the gate pool was left open or the opened it. police say a woman was last around noon on saturday in heights. anybody with information is asked to call prince george's county police. 4:33. there was a milestone. marks 100 days bef
. >>> the newsedge is all over the severe storm aftermath. states of emergencies declared in maryland, virginia, and d.c. the storms leaving several dead in our region. right now, massive power outages left hundreds of thousands in the dark cursing this extreme hot and more storms are possible. the extreme heat continues to blanket the region. >> and fox 5s tucker barnes is monitoring the situation for us with the latest. >> reporter: looking fairly quiet and thanks for asking and that is on to our radar and switch to vipir, if we could and most of the activity is to the south and east and that is a nice job showing it to you in southeast, virginia, where they had storms there south of fredericksburg and to richmond, reports of several possible tornados on the ground east and north of richmond and that is the match we missed and warm is come -- the batch we missed and now it's warm and muggy. temperature at reagan national, 86 degrees and that is not comfortable at 11:15 at night. the dew point temperatures in the 70s and some upper 60s, low 70s and winds out of the south at 3 miles per hour a
attacking mitt romney. he is trying to kill him in the cradle. >> greta: i did a little research. virginia, indiana, colorado, iowa, missouri, new hampshire, pennsylvania and wisconsin are all swing states and florida. florida is not on my list. i'll tell you why under the national unemployment rate. these are all swing states with unemployment rates below the national level. everybody is saying the economy is so important. i wonder if these states by the virtue they seem to be better economic position than those other states? >> he is targeting those states, spending like i say, a ton of money trying to undermine romney's credibility before he get his legs under him. it might not matter. his strategy is to divide the country and undermine and attack romney. >> greta: is it dirty or fair politics? >> i'm not sake it's dirty but it's real sting but he has a policy for every group he is going after. the blacks, the hispanics, the single women, students public servant employees and with regard to all those groups there is a policy conversion or recent initiative. he knows what is going on. if
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